Angelika Lill-Pirrung e le sue opere fiabesca

Legnano Culture, Art Exhibitions, Exhibitions and Art, Rubrics | Oct. 27, 2022

Angelika Lill-Pirrung and her fairy-tale works

Angelika Lill-Pirrung with her works of intrinsic fairy-tale value.


Venice - Practically enacting the concept of decontextualization, Angelika Lill-Pirrung elevates an everyday object to a work of art.


The operation carried out by the German artist also takes on noble cinematographic references, arriving at Friz Lang's Metropolis where, an army of hammers, following a metamorphosis that transforms them from human physiognomy into objects, marches compactly pervaded by alienation as a direct consequence of iron laws of capitalism designed to push individuals to depersonalize themselves, to the point of assuming robotic functions whose real function is to ensure high peaks of productivity.


Placed on pedestals, Angelika Lill-Pirrung's Wäcther take on distinct personalities that to a greater extent ennoble the set of materials from which they were composed.


The verticality of the silhouettes tends to highlight the absolute of the forms up to the sublimation of being other than the original function for which the object was intended.


In those works there is also an intrinsic fairy-tale value, their immobility seems to be waiting for an Alice who, making them her own, will lead them to a new wonderland.


Not without irony, Angelika Lill-Pirrung's operation imposes on the visitor the impossibility of practical use and consequently respect for that new condition, where the only possible approach on the part of the observer, faced with their totemic appearance, is a new conceptual perspective.


In fact, the "Wächter" as heralds of the threshold seem to await visitors in order to lead them into an analytical other space quite distinct from the objectivity of form.


Angelika Lill-Pirrung - "Wächter" - Venice - Palazzo Mora, Strada Nuova 3659. Through November 27, 2022. Hours: Wednesday-Monday 10am-6pm.


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